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Green City Living started as one nurse & mother's quest to decrease her family's environmental impact with reusable sandwich bags that preserved the quality of the food they ate.  

At Green City Living we bring green home with USA made products that are affordable, long lasting, and that really work. Our products are not only reusable, they are very usable. 

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Engage Kids in Upcycling: DIY Bird Feeder

Kathy Rohret

What is the best part about spring? Pushing the kids outside! Ha! It’s been a long winter and my boys are ready to start playing outdoors. We get out the bikes, the sidewalk chalk, and the sports balls to play as much as we can before the sun comes down. Watching the squirrels, rabbits and birds is something else we enjoy doing. This got me thinking. We need a bird feeder!

I found the simplest, cutest DIY idea to do with the kids. It uses empty toilet paper rolls!

supplies blog.jpg

DIY Bird Feeders for Kids

What you need to gather:

  • Toilet paper rolls - gather how many bird feeders you want to make.

  • Peanut butter (or I’ve seen honey used instead) and spreader

  • Bird seed and container to hold it in. Big enough to hold the toilet paper roll.

  • String, yarn, or twine


Easy instructions:

  • Find a space that is easy to clean up. We use a plastic placemat.

  • Spread the peanut butter all over the outside of the toilet paper roll. Don’t leave any spaces uncovered.

  • Roll it in your container of bird seed and watch how easily it sticks.

  • Let completely dry.

  • Cut your twine about 2ft or to your desired length. String it through the middle of the roll and tie the ends together.

Hang on to your favorite branch and watch the birds come!

bird feeder.JPG

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What other ideas do you have to keep the kids busy this spring?

This guest post is written by Courtney, a crunchy mama of 3 boys, who is passionate about healthy living and keeping her home green. Check out her blog at CrunchyBeachMama.com