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Green City Living started as one nurse & mother's quest to decrease her family's environmental impact with reusable sandwich bags that preserved the quality of the food they ate.  

At Green City Living we bring green home with USA made products that are affordable, long lasting, and that really work. Our products are not only reusable, they are very usable. 


dog bag.jpg

Napoleon's Waterloo:

Hello! I'm a repeat buyer and happy customer! I just wanted to share a story that is a testament to the strength of your products. Unfortunately, my first snack bag fell out of my purse, unbeknownst to me, and into my dog Napoleon's paws. The bag, although now unfortunately unusable, held up VERY well, considering he had spent all day attacking it. He was never able to get to the crackers.

Amazing! I would add that as his dog-mom, I was happy to not have to worry about taking him to the vet, since he couldn't destroy/eat it. So, for that, I thank you!  


Not just for coffee:

I just used your coffee filter to make yogurt cheese, and it turned out great! I use a strainer and lined it with the hemp-cotton coffee filter, poured a quart of yogurt in and let it drain into a bowl and let the whey drain out of it over the course of 2 days. It turned out great - a nice creamy Greek yogurt that is lactose free. I don't like the unbleached paper coffee filters as they impart an unpleasant flavor into the yogurt cheese - but the organic hemp-cotton coffee filter has very nice, clean energy and makes a wonderful tasting yogurt cheese.    

--carolsnaturalhealth.com  5/7/2016


"I bought eco bags from you probably two years ago now. I got three sizes for my lunches. They are so well made I haven't had to come back to get more! But in looking through my favorites for an unrelated item, I saw your shop and decided to pop in. Its so cool to see how many things you've added! The bacon drainer, microwave cooker, and most intriguing to me; the unpaper towels! I hated paper towels from youth but recently relented and bought a pack as my older cat has been experiencing a lot of, err, stomach upset. I still hate them. Imagine my joy to see your creation! I will definitely be keeping these in mind and purchasing once I get a little extra dough (or my paper towels run out). Just wanted to say keep up the great work!"


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