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Our EcoBagIt! reusable sandwich and snack bags keep your PB & J fresh, keep plastic out of the landfill, are easy to clean and save money. Artfully created using fun contrasting laminate cotton fabric inside and out. They are free of BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalates. They come in regular, XL and snack sizes.  

We also make Fluff Dry dryer softening balls,  Green & Thirsty Unpaper Towels, The Bacon Sponge unpaper towel, Eco Brew Coffee Filters, Off the Cuff Coffee Sleeves, Reusable Mop Covers, No Foil Potato cookers & cloth napkins.  



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Fluff Dry Balls--sets of 3--Natural Dryer Softener

Soften clothes naturally without chemicals using these 100% felted wool balls.  

Fluff Dry Laundry Softener balls: a set of 3 wool balls which decrease static, shorten drying time, and soften clothes in the dryer without using fabric softener.  They last for years (ten or more would not be unheard of). They are manufactured in Portland, Oregon and use reclaimed mill end wool and clean unspun wool