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Our EcoBagIt! reusable sandwich and snack bags keep your PB & J fresh, keep plastic out of the landfill, are easy to clean and save money. Artfully created using fun contrasting laminate cotton fabric inside and out. They are free of BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalates. They come in regular, XL and snack sizes.  

We also make Fluff Dry dryer softening balls,  Green & Thirsty Unpaper Towels, The Bacon Sponge unpaper towel, Eco Brew Coffee Filters, Off the Cuff Coffee Sleeves, Reusable Mop Covers, No Foil Potato cookers & cloth napkins.  



Orange Squares

Green & Thirsty, unpaper towels--build a roll

Paper towels are destined for the landfill in their very design.  Our Green & Thirsty unpaper towels provide a long lasting alternative.  

Green & Thirsty Towels replace paper towels.  They are made of quilter quality 100% cotton flannel on one side, and absorbent & antimicrobial bamboo + organic cotton french terry on the other to quickly wipe up spills. Their uses don't have to be limited to the kitchen, however, as they also work well as burp cloths (or other nursery jobs), or for dusting furniture.  They are made in the Denver, Colorado area.

Each order is for one 11" x 10" towel.  They are professionally quilted to help the towel keep it's shape in the wash. Snaps are the default so you can roll them on a paper towel holder (a sturdy cardboard roll provided for those ordering multiple 6 or more snap towels). Those wanting no snaps need to indicate this in the comment field of your order page.  A set of 12 or more towels is recommended for a "normal" sized roll.

Care instructions: wash with your normal towels.  Pair with our Bacon sponge for the greasy jobs.  




Orange Squares

orange squares.jpg
orange squares.jpg

Orange Squares

from 4.50

Each order is for 1 towel.  These 11" x 10" towels are composed of a layer 100% cotton preshrunk flannel and a layer bamboo & organic cotton absorbent french terry professionally quilted together in a leafy vine design. Each towel comes with three plastic snaps on each side to snap consecutively in a roll unless otherwise specified in comments.  Mix or Match your towels and we will include a sturdy cardboard middle to snap and roll them onto to dispense like paper towels.  Optimal size roll is 12 or more towels. They can be laundered normally with your other towels.  

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