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LIMITED SPECIAL: The Bacon Sponge-Original size

LIMITED SPECIAL: The Bacon Sponge-Original size

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A Green City Living original! Our Bacon Sponge is a 100% organic cotton nonpaper towel for draining grease from fried food after cooking and is compostable/biodegradable--or it can live it's second life as a shop rag.  

YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED and made it bigger! So now we are stuck with a bunch of the original size towels--sized 12" x 11".  This listing is available as long as our stock is.  

You want to get this item FREE?  Spend $50 or more on our website, and we'll send you one--you don't EVEN have to ASK! :). 

The towel absorbs 10 times it's weight in grease/liquids--anything you choose to use it for.  It also absorbs 20 times faster than other fabrics do.  

It is NOT for use in the microwave.

After use, we recommend that it be soaked in a bucket/bowl or sink or hot water and a degreaser soap like Dawn (TM) for 15-20 minute.  It can be laundered with your towels after soaking.  

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Bacon sponge

It works well and washes nicely.


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