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Green City Living started as one nurse & mother's quest to decrease her family's environmental impact with reusable sandwich bags that preserved the quality of the food they ate.  

At Green City Living we bring green home with USA made products that are affordable, long lasting, and that really work. Our products are not only reusable, they are very usable. 

Q & A: What is Laminated Cotton?

Laminated cotton it is made by applying a very thin layer of polyurethane to the face of cotton fabric.  In the pure sense of the word, the laminate would be considered a plastic. There are a couple reasons that we use it despite that fact.

  • It is very durable--Kathy is still using the very first one she made in September 2011.  There is a picture below--it was never pretty from her little home serger, but it has held up like iron.  We did several blog posts last May on repurposing them if they ever develop holes, but we haven't had that issue--and have definitely have put them through their paces.  Here is one of the blogs:  https://greencity-living.squarespace.com/config/pages/51b26505e4b022160b50d3e6

  • It was a trade off we chose for it's functionality.  Food waste is such a huge problem in this country, and it takes a lot of energy to produce and transport food that gets throw away if it doesn't meet our culture's quality expectations.  The animals that become meat produce a large amount of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.  Because of these facts, it was very important to us that we create a product that kept food fresh and edible to the degree that people expect. Our founder, Kathy Rohret says, “I have to admit that it was a feature that was important to me from the beginning as well--paying for local organic produce often isn't cheap--but so much healthier and better for the environment. At the time I started my company, there were just half a dozen options, and none of them worked very well.” 

  • The fabric has been tested and is free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead and considered to be food safe.

  • Most of all, we’re very concerned about the environment that we are leaving tomorrow's kids.  To change that, a major shift in our dependence on single use products needs to occur.  Green City Living strives to provide people with highly functional alternatives so that disposable just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Other things that bear mentioning: We don’t use a fabric laminated with recycled plastic because unfortunately it isn’t available. When it is, it will have to be guaranteed to be made from food safe materials for us to use it.

The fabric we use is purchased from US companies, but they all manufacture in S. Korea.  It seems that very little fabric is made on US soil.  :(.  We don’t like that it has to be shipped such a long way because of the transportation toll on our environment but again, we haven’t found a better option.  

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