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Green City Living started as one nurse & mother's quest to decrease her family's environmental impact with reusable sandwich bags that preserved the quality of the food they ate.  

At Green City Living we bring green home with USA made products that are affordable, long lasting, and that really work. Our products are not only reusable, they are very usable. 

EcoBagIt! OWLS reusable sandwich bag

EcoBagIt! Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable sandwich bags to keep your PB & J fresh and diminish lunchbag leaks.  All artfully created in the U.S. using fun, easy care laminated cotton inside and out.  Food safe & dishwasher safe.

EcoBagIt! OWLS reusable sandwich bag

reusable sandwich bag
reusable sandwich bag
reusable sandwich bag
reusable sandwich bag

EcoBagIt! OWLS reusable sandwich bag


EcoBagIt! Reusable sandwich bag with laminate fabric inside and outside. Keep your PB & Js Fresh! Please note that lining fabric pattern will vary with availability.  Free of BPA, Phthalate, lead & PVC.   7" x 6"

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This standard size (6" x 6.75") is usually roomy enough for sandwiches made from bakery breads as well as those from more standard size loaves.

After use, simply wipe down with soapy warm water or run through the washer using warm or cool setting. They need to be air dried, but this is easily done by turning them upside down over a lid rack or even a wine bottle! It is best to allow 24 hours to complete drying before the next use. They should not be used in the microwave or any other high heat condition.

  • Eco-Friendly & Cost Saving 
  • BPA free 
  • Laminate prevents dry bread or fruit leakage 
  • Easy Cleaning 
  • Food Safe