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Getting Kids

Getting Kids "Off the Grid" in your Own Backyard

Summer break! The kids are home all day long. The video games are being played more than ever. How do we encourage them to get outside more? I have some fun ideas that will help motivate your family right in your own backyard...well maybe right in your own neighborhood.

Lemonade Stand - find a safe, but semi-busy corner and set up a lemonade stand. Buy/make some cookies and sell them too. As a mom it is hard for me to resist driving by any child’s stand. The kids love it when someone stops AND they make a little money.

Flashlight Tag - gather all the kids on the street and have everyone bring a flashlight. Set boundaries of the area they can run in and at dusk/dark play tag. Oh, this brings back memories!

Scavenger Hunt - make a list of items to find. Pair up each child with another for teamwork and so someone always has a buddy to be with. Example: a yellow flower, red front door, purple bike, green shirt, someone eating. 

Water activities - Get out the sprinkler, fill up the water guns, buy balloons if you want to go crazy. Have them wash your car with the hose while they are at it. Playing in the water on a HOT day is the best! (Green tip: If you do, turn off your sprinkler system for a day to to save water)

Tend the garden - let them plant their own flowers or fruits/veggies in the spring with seeds and it gives them something to do everyday when they have to water, pull the weeds, and take care of it.

Hopscotch / Four Square - get out the sidewalk chalk (draw too!) and sketch out a hopscotch game. Everyone can find their favorite rock to play. Or draw 4 large boxes to play four square. These simple games aren’t played much anymore, but are FUN!

Build a Fort - Do you have an area, maybe a woodsy spot, that would be perfect to build a fort in? The kids can put their minds to work and create a space that they can hang out in. Maybe it’s under a large tree? Or in hidden brush and made with sticks? The possibilities are endless!


I hope you are enjoying summer!

What ideas do you have to get the kids outside?

This guest post is written by Courtney, a crunchy mama of 3 boys, who is passionate about healthy living and keeping her home green. Check out her blog at

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