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Green City Living: Made for Eco Sloths


Green City Living is the place that makes going green easy. We’re made for the  person who cares about the environment, who wants to do something about it, but who is so dang busy doing everything else life throws at them that they just haven't had the time or energy.  They're so busy that even the thought of taking green steps overwhelms them, heck, they don't have time to hand wash their delicates, let alone their sandwich bags! Or in other words, we’re made for Eco Sloths!

That's me, Kathy.  I'm a mother of 5, a wife, a nurse, and yes, an Eco Sloth.  I confess.  I wanted to go green, but I needed it easy.  I didn't have time to work at it--I needed it to work for me. 

I knew I couldn't just do the spiral lightbulbs and call it good.  I have 5 kids.  You get it--we all want a good life for generations to come.

So I created the EcoBagIt! in 2011. It’s food safe, keeps food fresh, doesn't leak under normal use, provides some insulation properties, and is dishwasher and washing machine safe. Practical, functional and environmentally-friendly – just what us Eco Sloths need! And I’m proud to say that the first bag, made in 2011, is still going strong. 

That's how my journey began.  Through the years I’ve found other Eco Sloths, including my business partner and talented daughter-in-law Rachel.  

We aren't lazy, we’re on Energy Saving Mode. 🦥 

Kathy and Rachel Rohret, Owners of Green City Living


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