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Earth kind gifts for kids

Earth kind gifts for kids

It is a challenge in today's environment to give toys that delight the little ones that aren't made of plastic or overseas.  With 5 grandchildren ages 6 and under, this is something I face on a regular basis.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some ideas I've come up with.  

#1 Buy wood.  

Candylab is a wooden toy car company.  The cars are very well made--so much so that I envision them being handed down to future generations.  My older grandsons, ages 5 and 6 absolutely love their cars, and challenge each other to races as well as all the smash up derby type play you might imagine.  There is a slight dent here, a small bit of chipped paint there, but overall, they've held up exceptionally well.  This brand also makes small cars that are super cute.  

My granddaughters love cars too, but like to be able to put things in them.  Hape makes great wooden toys.  

They also make lots of bigger doll accessories that are so fun for kids--like this farmers market stand I purchased for my granddaughter from London-Kate.  


#2 Buy handmade.  

These adorable dolls or "stuffys" are handmade in the US by Sunshine Blvd.  They've got a great selection for both girls and boys.  I made and added the mask and capes (and the dog's shorts) for the grands for Halloween. 

#3 Buy recycled:

Our grands love Green Toys and play with them frequently.  They are very durable and are made entirely of recycled milk jugs.   

#4 Buy books:

There are a lot of great books out there that help kids get involved in helping to save the planet.  Check out Childhood101 for a great list of books.   


#5 Wrap Green

My partner (and daughter in law) Rachel has started a new tradition of wrapping gifts in cloth.  You can purchase cloth at a resale/second hand shop and use pinking sheers or a serger.  You can also find scarves there that can alternately be used.  Here is a DIY from Better Homes and Gardens:


Spring is a great time to renew our pledge to save the planet!  What other ideas do you have to avoid gifting plastics?  

This blog was written by Kathy Rohret.  

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