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Fall Green Tips

Fall Green Tips

The crisp mornings, the leaves changing, eating as much pumpkin flavored food as I can. Fall is here! The only thing disappointing about Fall is knowing that winter and the cold weather is right around the corner. There are a few things that can be accomplished this time of year to keep your home eco-friendly and running smoothly.


Continue to be even more conscious about turning off lights and running water. As it gets dark earlier we are flipping switches sooner and taking longer, hotter baths to keep us warm.

  1. Before the first frost hits, be sure to grab the last of what is being grown in the garden. Does it seem too much? Hand out to the neighbors, or even better, start canning to store over the winter months to eat. You can continue to grow herbs and other small plants like cherry tomatoes indoors.

  2. It’s time to plant your bulbs, and even many types of new trees will thrive. This gives them a chance to grow a good root system over winter so less water is needed in the spring.

  3. Rake up the leaves and dump them in your compost pile. Or cover the garden to protect it.

  4. Time to get your annual furnace inspection. Don’t leave it until there is an issue or you’ll regret not calling to have it scheduled.

  5. Keep air in your tires. Cooler air causes them to deflate and this reduces your car’s efficiency. I keep a little air gauge in my glove compartment and check it whenever I am filling up my gas tank.

  6. Check the weather stripping around your windows for leaks and caulk or replace where necessary. Don’t let any drafts come in. Brrrrr!

  7. Of course take the time to change over to reusable items like paper towels, napkins, and bread bags in your kitchen. Say goodbye to paper and plastic. We have a great collection of items to check out!

back to nature towels.jpg

What green tips are on your Fall to-do list?

This guest post is written by Courtney, a crunchy mama of 3 boys, who is passionate about healthy living and keeping her home green. Check out her blog at

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