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Eco Friendly Shower Pouf, Washable, Natural & Plastic Free - Natural

Eco Friendly Shower Pouf, Washable, Natural & Plastic Free - Natural

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Why lather up with synthetic materials when there's a sustainable alternative that is just as effective -- and won’t result in microplastic pollution? Switch to the Eco Pouf and do the environment some good while you shower!

We make our Eco Pouf from an organic cotton and hemp blend material. The hemp adds a natural antimicrobial factor, keeping mold and mildew at bay -- no stinky shower pouf over here! Squeeze out the excess water and hang up between uses.

Go ahead and throw it in with your load of towels when it's time for a wash. Adding some vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser softens fabrics naturally and is the perfect chemical-free alternative to fabric softener!

Please note -- Natural fibers are VERY absorbent! Soap it up a few times to break it in and get a nice lather!

Because of the natural fibers, the Eco Pouf is biodegradable! When you decide that it has reached the end, the Eco Pouf can be composted.

Made in USA


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