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35 Non-Candy Ideas for Trick-or-Treating

35 Non-Candy Ideas for Trick-or-Treating


I have the fondest memories of Halloween. My mom's homemade costumes, picking the perfect pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch, decorating the house for fall, and of course trick-or-treating with my friends. I still remember the best houses we had to visit every year. My grandma was one of those cool houses and the rest of the neighborhood thought so too. She gave out colored popcorn balls and everyone flocked to her house! I remember she carried them in a laundry basket because there were so many. It was awesome! Now that I'm a mom I don't love trick-or-treating because of all the candy my boys accumulate and then waste. I try to think outside the box of items that kids will like and use at least for a little bit. Today I want to give you some non-candy ideas in case you are interested too.


  1. mini playdoh

  2. slime

  3. putty

  4. stickers

  5. activity book

  6. pencils

  7. pencil toppers

  8. erasers

  9. crayons

  10. stampers

  11. notepads

  12. wikki stix

  13. stencils

Dress Up:

  1. plastic jewelry

  2. rope bracelets

  3. slap bracelets

  4. bead necklaces

  5. eye patch

  6. vampire teeth


  1. popcorn balls

  2. pretzels

  3. fruit snacks

  4. crackers

  5. rice krispie treats

  6. Juice boxes

Everything else:

  1. whistle

  2. glow stick

  3. balloons

  4. coins

  5. insects

  6. rubber ducks

  7. airplane gliders

  8. bouncy balls

  9. tattoos

  10. bubbles

What kind of bag do your kids user to trick-or-treat with? Here are some green ideas:

Decorate a paper bag (the grocery store kind with a handle!) ahead of time and let the kids get creative with their markers and paper scraps.

Reuse a shopping bag you already have.

Pillowcases work great.

Plastic pumpkin buckets that you can buy anywhere.

Invest in a cute cloth Halloween bag. We have used ours for many many years!

Our XL Market Bags are perfect and would get a lot of use throughout the year for many different things.

What is your favorite part about Halloween?


This guest post is written by Courtney, a crunchy mama of 3 boys, who is passionate about healthy living and keeping her home green. Check out her blog at

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