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Clean your Laundry Green

Clean your Laundry Green

Save the environment and your wallet by going green in your laundry room.

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My Green Laundry Tips:

  1. Have Less Laundry. This is something I am teaching my kids. There is no reason to be washing 7 pairs of jeans in a week per child. Jeans and other clothing items can be worn more than once.

  2. Full Loads. If your washer doesn't have a setting for smaller loads then wait until it is full before you wash.

  3. Cold Water. Choose cold water whenever you can.

  4. Choose an Energy Star washer and dryer when shopping for new ones. They use up to 30% less water! My dryer also has a great feature that can detect how wet the clothes are so it will turn off early if dry.

  5. Dry Cleaning only if necessary. Harsh chemicals are used and clothes wear out faster.

  6. Air Dry. Oh, how I love the warm months when I can string a line outside. Fresh scented clothes are the best! In the colder months you can still hang up clothes to air dry inside or invest in a foldable drying rack to lay everything out on.

  7. Use only Eco-Friendly Detergent. It's non-toxic and made with only natural ingredients. Did you know that 'regular' detergent can leave a chemical residue behind and cause skin irritations just from wearing your clothes. Yuck!

  8. Goodbye Dryer Sheets that contain toxic chemicals. Hello Fluff Dry Balls natural dryer softener.

laundry balls1.jpg

Keep a set (or two or three sets!) of Fluff Dry Balls in your dryer at all times. They are made with 100% felt with a combination of reclaimed mill end wool and new unspun wool. Why wool?

Help reduce static ~ wool fibers can absorb static cling.

Naturally soften clothes ~ friction of the balls against the fabric.

Makes clothes fresher and smell cleaner ~ since wool has the ability to absorb toxins and odors.

Your dryer creates a constant motion that allows for more air to circulate around your laundry so your clothes (and towels and cloth diapers) will dry faster. The more dryer balls you use, the less time it takes to dry a load. Reduces drying time 10-25%!

Add a drop of essential oils to the Fluff Dry Ball to make a clean natural smell in your laundry load.

Do you use any of these Green Laundry Tips?

laundry balls.jpg

This guest post is written by Courtney, a crunchy mama of 3 boys, who is passionate about healthy living and keeping her home green. Check out her blog at

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