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I'm an Iowa Girl at Heart

I'm an Iowa Girl at Heart

Born & raised in the Davenport, Iowa, these prints spoke to me.  They remind me of staying with friends on their farms, and of my father's large garden on our own acreage.  

Dad was into organic gardening long before it was the thing to do.  I remember in the early 70's when he first told us that we needed to save our food scraps to put in a compost pit for the garden.  My sisters and I thought he was more than just a little weird.  The joke was on us years later when we discovered that he was a man ahead of his time.  

I remember long summer days out in that garden picking it's yields and then helping to prepare the produce so that my mother could can or freeze it.  The freshness of these foods spoiled us for commercially canned and frozen products.  

I love how the organic movement is bringing so much of that fresh & flavorful taste back to the table.  For me, these bags are about more than being cute, they remind us that our food doesn't have to be complicated.  Simple really is better.  

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