Taking a Stand with Standing Rock: 40% of Sales to be Donated!

As a small business, an owner hates to get involved in fights of a political nature.  But this is no ordinary fight, and I am in this business to try to make this world a sustainable if not better place. This campaign can, and will turn away some buyers, but I cannot in good conscience stand by and let a repeat of injustices of yesteryear, and the risks of fewer tomorrows for our children occur.  I am taking a stand with Standing Rock! #NONAPL #STANDINGROCK

                                                                                                              STEPHEN YANG / REUTERS

To help the tribes of Standing Rock fight, Green City Living will be donating 40% of sales from https://greencityliving.earth https://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenCityLiving from now through 2/20/17 will be donated to Stand with Standing Rock.  Also, please take a moment to send a letter to the Army Corp of Engineers via the link below.  They are accepting letters through 2/20. Please share this post.  


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