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No Wrong Place to Start.

No Wrong Place to Start.

I wrote a post on my blog a few weeks ago and asked my readers the question - Are you green? There was a variety of answers from yes! - to - a little bit. I even had a few No I am not. Hmmmm. Being green has become a norm for me and made me think. How can someone who isn’t even thinking about being green change their ways?

I have come up with a few small steps you can take. April is Earth Month and a great time to start. You might not even realize that by doing these things you ARE green!

Do not buy paper napkins. Use cloth napkins to be washed and reused again and again. I admit that sometimes a very yucky mess is nicer to clean up with a napkin that can be thrown away. Guess what? I do have a stash of paper napkins that I have saved from take-out meals. They do come in use and there is no need to throw away the extras.

Buy a water bottle and/or coffee cup to use daily. Take your drinks on the go? Fill it up again and again! Think about how much you won’t be throwing away when you do. I have been using the same water bottle for years!

Save electricity by turning off the lights, the electronics, the toys, when you leave the room.

Use less water. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth is one example. It really does add up how much you use if kept running.

Keep your tires pumped. It helps your gas mileage.

Reuse, reuse, reuse anything you can. From rinsing out ziploc bags, to using spice containers for other storage options when they are empty, to keeping the plastic straw the drive-thru gave you to use again tomorrow when you order a drink. Though you might like our stainless steel or bamboo straws. They are pretty fun!

Green City Living comes up with new ideas everyday on how to reuse. From coffee filters to bread bags to face scrubbies. Check out all of our new items!

It IS easy to be green! Don’t you agree?

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